Browse Instagram From Your Chrome Browser
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There are so many web apps are available which allows you to access Instagram Photos from desktop . Instagram is a popular photo sharing app available for Android and iOS devices, now you can also use Instagram from your desktop Google chrome browser . With this you can check all your instagram photos and feed directly from the desktop no need to use your android or iOS device to check them. To do this all you have to use Google chrome browser and install the new Instagram for Chrome extension . The extension is free to use and you can install it from the chrome web store. Read Also: Backup Instagram Photos – 3 Ways To Do It How to setup Instagram for Chrome Go to the chrome web store and search for the Instagram for Chrome or you can install it from here ( Instagram for Chrome extension ). After the installation you can see the new Instagram Icon on the top right side of chrome browser.(See the screenshot below) Instagram Icon on Chrome Toolbar Click the instagram icon or logged in to your Instagram account on the Web to allow authorization. Logged in to your Instagram account After the authorization, click the instagram icon from the chrome toolbar to access the Instagram from your Google Chrome browser . Now you can see all you photos, friends photos, popular photos and also like photos, and leave comments, just like on the Instagram mobile app. To access all these options click on the three dots in the upper left-hand corner. Use Instagram for Chrome How to Delete Instagram for Chrome extension If you don’t want to browse instagram for your chrome browser, then you can remove it easily from your browser. All you have to do is remove the extension from the chrome browser and revoke the instagram access form the instagram account. To remove Extension read here How to Remove Google Chrome Extensions after the removal of the extension from the chrome browser, now go to you Manage applications section of Instagram Account to revoke the access. Delete Instagram for Chrome and revoke access Check out the Video Below How to Browse Instagram From Your Chrome Browser That’s it now you can you instagram image from your favorite Google chrome browser with this free chrome extension. Also take a look at the other 17 Popular Google Chrome extensions we’ve reviewed some day’s back
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Add Images on Your Facebook Chat With Smileytime
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Facebook Chat is one of the easiest way to chat with your friends and share your thoughts with your friends and family. But it has the limited features, in Facebook chat you can’t share your pictures or images, to do this you have to upload the images in some image hosting site and share that link on the chat window. But now you can shoe the pictures directly on chat windows by typing a typical image code into the chat box. With Smileytime web app you can create Facebook chat codes from any image and post cool smileys and emoticons into your Facebook chat. All you have to create a chat code for your image and share it on your Facebook chat to show the images to your friends. Read Also: How to Add Symbols on Facebook Status Read Also: Try Google+ Hangout Feature On Facebook With Oovoo How to Add Images on Your Facebook Chat Step 1. To start adding images on your Facebook chat, visit Smileytime home page and choose the file option to upload the image to create Facebook chat code. Step 2. After the upload file is ready, you will see lines of code on the box, copy that code. Step 3. Now copy the given code and paste it into the Facebook chat box.The image you uploaded must appear into the chat box, and visible to your friend as an image. That’s it, now you can add the images on your Facebook chat with this trick. This was the best and easiest way to share your images with your friends, so try the new web app and let us know your opinion about the app.
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