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    ColorPic for web developers

    ColorPic is a very useful freeware that helps you take a color hexadecimal code . It is usually useful to web developers because you can use colors yo

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    Use Photoshop for free

    Gimp is an image retouching and editing tool  and is released under the GPLv3 license as free and open-source software. There are versions tailored

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    Format factory ultimate converter

    I find that it is difficult for me to have several converters that allow me to convert between different formats.I used to use a converter for audio ,

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    Blender – freeware 3d modeling

    What is the meaning of  life? Well that’s something i don’t know , perhaps there is no meaning at all and we only try to fit in this larg

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    Pixlr – freeware image editor(online)

      Pixlr combines image design and paint tools with photo editing and adjustment features more convincingly than any other online image editing pr