NutshellMail – use Twitter, Facebook, Myspace by email July 21, 2009 by Q

NutshellMailBIGWhatever service I find that can save me some time during the day, I am greatful! NutshellMail is one of those freeware services that can save you a lot of time. I bet many of you- the readers- have multiple social networks accounts. In a nutshell(couldn’t resist…:)), the NutshellMail (what can I say, it seemed funny :)) lets you receive emails with updates on your Twitter, Facebook and Myspace accounts.

The service also allows you to manage your other email accounts, so you can actually use just this one as a central hub. They even mention that you can use this to spy on your kids emails 🙂 The niciest thing is that you can use it to change your status, reply to comments and post Twitter updates without living your email! This must be a great use for social networking-challenged corporate emplyees, being that NutshellMail updates and any message retrieved through the updates are sent to your work account like any other email, the service which is compliant with pretty much any corporate email policy.

I was using it for the past 3 days with my twitter, facebook and 2 email account and works as advertised, but I noticed a bit of lag from time to time. Nothing to worry tho.

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