TVU Player -Live TV on PC August 7, 2009 by Q

TVUPlayer is a free software  that lets  you  to watch free  live Television programs around the world. TVU networks brings you programs from around the world that you can’t get from your local cable and satellite providers.  There are other players  available on the net watch TV but TVUPlayer is one of the best of them.

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TVU networks uses P2P technology to broadcast TV programs live over the Web. The service is based on a number of patent-pending technologies, covering high-quality video coding, efficient real-time P2P distribution, and effective digital rights management.


· Now Showing feature – when you mouse over, or watch, a channel that has TV Guide information, you will see what is showing now, plus what’s on next, and when (how many minutes from now)

· Improved Search Channels feature – now allows you to search by channel number

It worked just fine for us, though I won’t say it’s High Quality as they promote this one. It certainly is watchable and some channel are indeed crisp but most of them are not so. We didn’t signed in, just run the installation and started the software and we were in bizz. Making an account on their site grants you PVR-like pause and forward/back functions.
Download HERE

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