Click2Try – Test software in your browser before installing August 11, 2009 by Q

If you want to test a application you must go first to is a new web service which helps you to test the software in your browser without installing anything on your PC. Right now click2try provides a catalog of more than 50 Open Source applications that visitors can try for free, right from a browser without downloading any software.

It’s targeted to Open Source community applications, exclusively. Currently there are content management applications Joomla!, Drupal, SilverStripe, WordPress; Wiki platforms like TikiWiki, DokuWiki, and MediaWiki; ERP applications like OpenERP, PostBooks, and Openbravo; CRM applications SugarCRM and vTiger; project management tools like dotProject and GanttProject; monitoring and network management tools like Cacti; human resource management systems OrangeHRM and TimeTrex; a variety of developer tools including Trac/SVN, Eclipse, Bugzilla, Mantis, Request Tracker: RT, Redmine; productivity tools like Freemind and OxygenOffice; and Linux distributions like CentOS. Upcoming distros include Ubuntu, Fedora Core, and others.

Go HERE (requires registration)

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