CCleaner – get rid of junk files! September 9, 2009 by Q

ccclenerHave you ever sonsidered how many junk files pile up after a week of browsing, emailing and video watching, music listening over the ‘nets? Well, I can’t tell you for sure but it’s A LOT. Here comes again CCleaner, your friendly system cleaner 🙂

It’s an oldie on the freeware market, being around for years, but even that’s why it’s so  good. While there are many other cleaners around, CCleaner has manage to always stay on top because of its constant great results and easy operation. Some of the others will eather let the junk files around or delete valuable files but CC gets it right.

I know it sounds like a comercial,but really, CCleaner is that good.

So do your hard drive a favour and grab it HERE

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