Google Book Downloader – Download Google Books as PDF September 15, 2009 by Q

If you’re amongst the 5 that still read stuff this days, you might like this one 🙂 The Google Book Downloader free software is a small free program which allows you to save Google books as PDF on your hard drive . Is not much more to say about this one, if you’re a google book reader, just grab it and get your books at hand. Note that you must have Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 SP1 installed for it to work.


Blurb from the site: “Features:

* Download any book from Google Books marked as ‘Full view’
* Partially download any book from Google Books marked as ‘Limited preview’
* Access to any book available only for US citizens
* Searching for hidden pages (not indexed by Google Books)”

Grab it HERE

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