Update Facebook Status via SMS – How to September 28, 2009 by Q

If you read this the probably youo’re among those hard-core Facebook fans. I imagine there are times whenyou’re strained away from your fav laptop or PC.  Don,t worry now you can do this with SMS. Below is a quick tutorial on how to activate this function in your account:

Step one is to register your phone with your Facebook account. Here’s how:

1. Sign into Facebook on your PC, then click Settings, Account Settings.

2. Click the Mobile tab, then Register for Facebook Mobile Texts.

3. Provide your cell number as instructed, then wait for the confirmation text-message to arrive on your phone.

4. Enter the confirmation code as instructed.

That’s it! Now write a new
SMS  containing your status, and address it to FBOOK (32665, a number you may want to add to your address book for easy retrieval).

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