Freeware Photo editing software – Picasa February 22, 2010 by Q

In the realm of photo editing software there are many options to choose from. Picasa is a flashy and functional digital photo organizer and editor which has improved considerably since its first release. Picasa is excellent for beginners and casual digital shooters who want to find all their pictures, sort them into albums, do quick edits, and share with friends and family.

With the latest  release, Picasa is even easier to use for organizing, editing, and sharing your digital photos. When you install the app, it immediately scans your system for photos and collects them into a single library. By default, Picasa scans your entire hard drive. You can also easily upload pictures to popular photo-sharing sites, including Shutterfly and Ofoto, or burn photos onto CD or DVD. Plus, the app still integrates with Picasa’s photo-sharing client, Hello, which works a lot like instant messeging software, and you can still upload pics to Google’s popular blogging tool, Blogger.

Another thing to consider is the free online photo storage, an easy way to keep your pics away from hard crashes and digital storage failures. As a freeware photo editing software Picasa is a good option, even if you don’t have  the power of the Adobe giant. You can instantly adjust highlights, shadows, fill lights, and color temperature. You can add all sorts of effects, including sepia, black and white, and soft focus. You can crop, straighten, remove red-eye, and more. And if you don’t like an edit, you can reverse it with no more than the click of a mouse.Remember that it is   free….

Freeware Photo editing software – Picasa download page

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