Timeleft freeware timer June 5, 2013 by Q

timeleft freeware timerManaging your time is essential for a healthy life. Nowadays becomes more and more difficult to remember all the tasks we’ve programmed for a whole day.Thanks to this wonderful program you don’t have to worry no more.

Timeleft is a freeware software that can help you remember all the good stuffs in your life.

Main Features

Reminder – alarms you about an oncoming event (you can run reminder at specific time or periodically: minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually or at certain Moon phase)
Clock displays time in different time zones
Countdown tracks the amount of time till (or passed after) the specified event
Stopwatch measures time interval
Timer measures time interval and signals its end
Sticker displays a sticky note on your desktop
Time Synchronization – TimeLeft uses atomic clock servers to adjust time on your computer
Auction Watch – you can watch and manage your online auctions (eBay etc.) using Auction Watch module
-this is a special extension that manages your auctions.Check here for more!

Download Timeleft and enjoy a lots of other features!


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