Online freeware youtube converter June 11, 2013 by Q

online freeware youtubeIf you don’t have a program that downloads files from youtube don’t worry there are better ways to do that!

Meet ! A great website that allows you to convert youtube videos to mp3’s and also lets you save this files on your computer.It’s fast and easy to have your own mp3’s!

And if that’s not enough has an firefox add-on that provides an button for youtube interface.

If you click this button on a current video , the mp3 converter will be automatically accessed . When converting is done you’re ready to download the file!

Here’s a 3 minutes tutorial on how to do that:

Well it’s quite a great tool but it has its own limitations. You can only download 3 to 5 songs and after , you have to wait for a while. It’s a good thing that we have a solution. On the same site , ┬ádownload and install flvto youtube downloader .

This freeware is a download manager that allows you to check your songs after . But that’s not all .You have a converter that lets you choose your format(wmv , mp3, avi ,mov etc.)

Watch this to see the process:



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