Fake voice-freeware voice changer June 18, 2013 by Q

fake voice freeware voice changerThis tool produces a high quality output, so it is very useful to record presentations or a video with an audio soundtrack. You can change various audio components, like the pitch, the noise threshold, the formant, and the base pitch.

Therefore, with FakeVoice you can change your male voice into a female voice, and vice versa. This tool also includes two nice and useful effects – it can reduce or add echo to your voice, or apply a robot effect, changing the voice according to your preferences. This last feature can be personalized in a very intuitive way, using the graph provided. This reduces the program’s dependency on manual intervention during voice recording.

You can easily fool your friends by talking to them with a different voice every day. It is compatible with most Windows operating systems, though the current version is not yet well tested with Windows 7. Certain chat/call messengers would automatically detect FakeVoice as voice input.

Download Fake Voice!

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