CamStudio freeware screen recorder June 30, 2013 by Q

Regardless of what you want to accomplish a screen recorder is necessary in our own hectic schedule.Perhaps you want to make a tutorial or maybe you’re trying to record a video on screen, a video with ¬†limited access.It doesn’t ¬†matter what your reason might be , i’m most than positive that you’ll find an activity that implies screen recording.

So the question here is what freewares are available and which one is the best?! Well there are few actually on top of my list but most of all when you download a screen recorder freeware remember these:

  • Go with a malleable screen recorder that enables you with area selection of the screen to record
  • A must have is the available codecs for the freeware(the more the merrier)
  • Buttons to control basic activities of recording(most screen recorders tend to have that)
  • And perhaps if you can edit your work after is much better than exhausting repetition
  • Adding effects is a plus that it’s only making your work to show better
I’ve chosen CamStudio because it provides me with all the necessary steps described above.
So choose wisely(always) and you’ll not get disappointed!
Here is the download link of this mega powerful tool.

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