Blender – freeware 3d modeling July 3, 2013 by Q

What is the meaning of  life?

Well that’s something i don’t know , perhaps there is no meaning at all and we only try to fit in this large , chaotic society.But the best way to do that is by assuring that you’re on the right track.That’s why if you found out what you love to do than it’s time to get rolling and make some changes towards your goal.

So, today i’m going to give you some tips if your road intersects 3d modeling.

Basically 3d modeling implies common transformations on surrounding objects.In order to do that on a computer you’ll need a software that helps you , because it will be a shame to work only by hand.

Here are some key features that any 3d modeling software should have:

  • basic movements of the 3d objects and an easy way to apply these movements(if there is a combination between keyboard and mouse – it’s even better)
  • tools for edit – text , shapes and also the appearance of an 3d object
  • you might also need a layer structure(for example like in Photoshop)
  • panels concerning everything that might be related to your 3d modelling
  • a structured workspace and even different sets of personalized workspaces(nobody works the same)
  • and last but not least an easy and accessible user interface
I’ve searched my whole life for a better freeware 3d modeling and i’ve come up with one of the greatest: Blender
Not only it’s a joy to work with this program , but because its popularity , the Internet is full of tutorials regarding Blender.
So given its enhanced features (and the many available tutorials) i most certainly will recomend it for every person that wants to become an expert in 3d modelling!
If you want to start , donwload Blender from here!

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