Kingsoft Writer – freeware text editor July 4, 2013 by Q

Nowadays , we find ourselves in the posture of redacting documents. Weather its a paper work  that we’re trying to edit, weather a thesis you will most of the time need a text editor. Most of the available text editors only deals with plain text , so it would be hard to find a program (a free one) that allows you to apply advanced formatting.

You would have to confine with a regular text editor (of course if you don’t have the money) that helps you with basic text functions.

An advanced text editor provides with a lot more of those favourite functions. Lets see some of them:

  • available charts , tables and lots of symbols
  • provide all the tools necessary for a  writer
  • functionality made easy by mouse interactions
  • flexibility , tens of formats available when you save the document
  • conversion between formats
  • spelling software with autocorrect suggestions

Sure you always have Microsoft Word that helps with all the above features . But not anymore!

Why pay tens of dollars for something that is available for free and can be compared with Microsoft leading technologies?

If you did , you have to stop ! There’s tons of other stuffs that require your money and this is not one of them!

Instead of spending your money , download Kingsoft Writer , an advanced text editor with tools as good as Microsoft Word has.Moreover  Kingsoft Writer has a built in converter that converts from any type of text document to .pdf files.

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