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I find that it is difficult for me to have several converters that allow me to convert between different formats.I used to use a converter for audio , one for video and several others for advanced formats.

This is not at all practical for me , and for anybody else. I wanna do things faster due my obsession of efficiency.My motto is:”If you can do it faster and better , just do it!” .We have only one life on this earth , well according to most religions. Me and you , and everybody else should take advantage of all the time left on this earth , with things that we like.

That’s why in this matter i’m going to help you with:  Format Factory

Format Factory is an extremely organized freeware that deals the matter of converting , quite differently. With an accordion panel on the left side , Format Factory organizes most used formats in 5 categories:

  1. Video-Available formats :different mobile devices formats,AVI ,3GP,MP4,RMVB,GIF,WMW,MKV,MPG,VOB,MOV,FLV,SWF
  2. Audio-Available formats:MP3,WMA,FLAC,AAC,MMF,AMR,M4A,M4R,OGG,WAV,WavPack
  3. Picture-Available formats:JPG,PNG,,ICO,BMP,GIF,TIF,PCX,TGA
  4. ROM Device\DVD\CD\ISO-Available formats:
    • DVD to Video File
    • Music CD to Audio File
    • DVD/CD to ISO/CSO
    • ISO to CSO and CSO to ISO
  5. Advanced : This category deals with joining of audio and video files .I guess it is nice for the developers of this program to introduce this feature also

Given all this formats there’s only one thing left to do: drag and drop a file that you want to convert. Yes! It’s that easy! You must use this program not only for its formats available, which as you can see above , outnumbers 40, but also for a really practical user interface.

Start using Format Factory for all your converting issues and you won’t regret!Here you are presented with additional information on Format Factory and also a look on how this program works!

And if you want a general introduction watch this:

If you want to join the community that uses Format Factory download it from here!


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