LastPass – a great way to be secure July 12, 2013 by Q

It’s important for our daily routine to do things as fast as possible.Imagine if you have 30 different accounts that you use.

There’s only a couple of options regarding this problem:

  1. You most definitely will have problems remembering 30 different passwords , even if all the passwords are slightly different.The amount of information is hilariously big and it is very impractical to log on every time with one of those accounts(and time consuming)
  2. Using only a password might be a problem if the password is find out. You will surely loose a lot if it comes to that!
  3. Browsers have integrated password managers , but with a problem: they only remember , so that the accounts are not at all protected
  4. Writing down your passwords it’s an obsolete method , which becomes annoying after a while

You could go with one of the above options , but each one of them is time consuming or it gives you a headache.

The solution is LastPass – a freeware password manager. All your accounts are stored on a cloud server and by using an intermediate program you can access lots of cool stuffs regarding LastPass.

I’m talking here about:

  • password generator
  • autofill forms
  • encrypted database on a cloud server which allows you access only through an account(which is generally called master account)
  • if you’re the only user of a computer : you have the auto login option
  • an easy way to use LastPass no matter where , due to the cloud server(just an LastPass install and you’re ready to go)

This program will actually improve your time spended on the internet.

And the LastPass program isn’t absolutely necessary. If you wan’t you can access all your account information online .You have a nice interface to your database , just like you would use a program.

If you’re not convinced , check out this video for more information.

Here you have a download link to LastPass.


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