Cool presentations with PowToon July 14, 2013 by Q

If you’re having a business to promote or you are trying to make a presentation for an exam , you can do that very easy with PowToon.

PowToon is an online service that allows you to do:

  • presentations
  • promotional videos
  • greeting cards
  • infographic videos
  • social clips
  • blank projects

It’s quite easy to use and it involves minimum level of imagination.With the use of the preformatted effects available you can do an awesome presentation with no skills.

Check this video and be amazed!

PowToon presentations are available for free but if you want to use it for free , you have to let their brand on your video.However , if this is unacceptable the prices for one presentation starts from 8 $ , which is a pretty bearable cost for such a professional and stylish presentation.

PowToon is organized like a slide maker program . I can say that options are very accessible , and the user interface is quite intuitive.With almost no effort , you obtain a grandiose presentation and it’s all for free(well according to the fact that you would like their brand on your video – which is a small price to pay).

However if you still don’t want to pay , you could download the video exported by PowToon and you can edit those parts that involve branding.This is an approach that can be handled only by professional video editors.

Look at what i did with PowToon!

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