Sniff passwords with Wireshark July 18, 2013 by Q

Yeah right!

That was your first comment when you actually saw the link . Unfortunately is true . It is possible in an unprotected network (such as a free Wi-fi network) to capture packets around the network and in those packets you will find usernames and passwords.

I’m not saying you , to do that , because it’s illegal . However this is the reality . You must be very careful when you log in on a website , most of all when you are using Wi-fi channels.

There are several tools available that captures packets on a network and i recommend Wireshark (a good approach for beginners) . With a handy user interface and intuitive instructions , you can easily start only by watching a video:

Now , don’t get any ideas (like going with a laptop on a restaurant with free Wi-fi) . I assure you , this is completely illegal . But , nevertheless , information is power , so use it to your benefits . You can also learn how to capture cookies (if you’re a beginner in javascript development) so that you can see the magic behind them.

You can see how you do that here:

And here you can download Wireshark !

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