Manage your clipboard with Ditto July 20, 2013 by Q

Ditto is a clipboard manager freeware . That means that it allows you to store multiple contents (called clips). Normally when you use CTRL + C shortcut key , you store in Clipboard (which is a temporary service for holding information) different objects you came across web or in your operating system . I mean you copy one image file at a time , one piece of text and so on.

Imagine that you have to compose an essay ;  you search information on the topic and you use CTRL+C , CTRL+V to copy the text(or images , tables etc.) from the web to your document . What a load of wasted time!

With Ditto you can find what you want , copy all what you want and after that  you can move to your document . Much more efficient , isn’t it?

Be amazed by the utility of this little program:

Now Ditto by default only manages different text formats but you can store so many other formats . Go to Ditto in your system tray , right click on Ditto (which normally appears as a blue dot with two radial segments on it) and select options -> Supported types .

There are so many features at this program that you can explore in your daily life .

Surf here for more information on Ditto (and to download your program just click the source link below Download)!

I must say that the default shortcut key for Ditto is CTRL+ ~ (tilde character – above your tab button on keyboard).It’s important to know that , because when you access program , it hides itself in your system tray , so you won’t see it.

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