Using your smarthphone as a mouse August 5, 2013 by Q

I wanted to buy a wireless mouse and guess what ? I thaught to myself (Hmmm…I already got a smarthphone …wouldn’t be nice if i could use it as a mouse by using an easy freeware?) . I’ve searched a while on my app store and i found a great tool that helps you do that . The install on your smarthphone is automatic and you also need to install a version of the Remote Mouse freeware on your computer .

The name of the app is Remote Mouse and you can find it by going to your app store and do a search after “Remote Mouse”. There are several others freewares that deals with the same issue but this one is highly rated , and it allows you to use it for free . As i said above you will also need to install a version on your Mac OS , Windows ,IPhone/IPod Touch , Ipad and Android . It works the same on all this operating systems.

Here you have a link to download the freeware to your system .

And below you can find a tutorial with the install and also the basic use :


The video above is made for a Mac OS , but believe me ,  is quite similar in any other operating system .


Fully simulated functions of wireless mouse and keyboard

Main mouse functionalities featured, including click, double-click, right-click, scroll and drag

Both portrait and landscape mode mouse touchpad supported

iOS default keyboards integration with customized function keys

Key Combos supported

Wireless control of your computer anywhere in your room

Works under WiFi and 3G Network

Intuitive interface and easy to use

Compatible with Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista

Compatible with Mac OSX Lion/Snow leopard/Leopard


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