Zoom extension in Google Chrome August 10, 2013 by Q

Zoom in or out on web content using the zoom button for more comfortable reading.
Go to your chrome store -> type chrome store(in your google search) -> in your chrome store search for zoom and select Zoom in the page result -> click Add to Chrome button(and you’re done).It’s super easy to use this extension . You’ll see!
It help you to zoom easy in and out a webpage. Thanks to the slider and the zoom buttons.

+ Scroll and Zoom
When you click on the Z button, scroll up or down. And it change LIVE the web page.

+ >>Website Save<<
Automatic it save the current zoom value. So if you come later back to that website, zoom got the same zoom position.

But you can always set it back to default zoom, by click on the current percent and click 100%.

+ >>Video and the web<<
This is one of the important browser extension also for video entertaiment. It zoom in the webpage but also the increase the size of the video player example like YouTube™ and HTML5 video.

Project Information:

Note: CTRL++ or CTRL+- doing the same as this extension. But this extension help you to increase/decrease the zoom with a custom percent.

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