Using audacity to record without loss of signal August 28, 2013 by Q

Well i’m sure most of you already heard about audacity . This capable freeware gives you the ability to manually edit your audio files .

Today i’m going to show you how to use Audacity to record without any loss of signal . That means that you’ll record the bitrate as it passes through your sound board without any interferences . That is usually a great deal when you want the best sound available for Youtube files .

There are three steps in this tutorial :


Right click on sound in your system tray! And here click on recording devices!

activating stereo mix


Step two

It will appear a window that looks like the one below . Right click inside the window and select “show disabled devices”.

step two activating stereo mix


And after that go to stereo mix function and right click on it – after that click enable!

step two activating stereo


And now you have stereo mix activated . Well the last step is quite familiar if you’ve used Audacity before and if not , don’t worry i can be quite resourceful with explanations.

Step three

Go to Audacity (if you haven’t installed Audacity then checkout this post)!

Here you activate from this dropdown list the stereo mix option:

step three activating in audacity


Now that you’ve activated stereo mix in Audacity you can begin to record . If you have a radio on , or a podcast , youtube or any other audio streaming on , then click the record button(the one circled with green) and you will record without any loss of signal , meaning you will have the original streaming audio quality on your computer . Now as it concerns Youtube ┬áif you want the best available format than go to the clip and select another quality for the current video that you want to record!

That’s all folks !

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