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Last time i’ve talked about capturing the original quality of a sound made inside your computer . The way that our sound board handles sound as a sequence of bits is taken over by a feature of our sound driver called stereo mix . This feature creates an inside loop that will duplicate the original audio frame currently playing on your computer .

Basically imagine that it takes the sound in your computer and it kidnaps him . Most audio drivers have this feature but by default the feature is disabled! Check our previous post with Audacity to see how you enable stereo mix!

Now that you’ve enabled stereo mix and you have audacity on your computer you are ready to record any sound (with the original quality). With Audacity you can edit your audio and after you’ve finished editing you’re ready to produce your mp3 file .

But you’ll need the lame mp3 encoder for that ! Download it from here!


lame mp3 encoder source


Click on the area surrounded by the red rectangle . You will then install that lame mp3 on your computer following a basic wizard . The wizard sets everything for you so you won’t need to know anything else . Just allow the install and click next a couple of times and you’re done .


In this step you will go to Audacity and start record your sound . Remember that any sound that is currently playing on your computer will be recorded with original quality if you’ve checked the steps from this tutorial!

So whether you are recording an audio stream or a random sound you will know be a superhero in action , a superhero of sounds!

And now if you have edited your sound and you’re ready in this step i’ll show you how you can produce your mp3 file.

Go to FILE menu in Audacity and select EXPORT :

export to mp3


This action will take you to a window that shows like this:

export window


And here you select mp3 and you must also give a name in the filename field. Remember that if you want to use the mp3 file export you must install lame mp3 encoder from step one.And you also need to select your location for the produced file! Click save after you have done these actions!


After you clicked on save a Edit Metadata window will appear . Metadata is the information that sticks with a mp3 file such as album , artist , titles , and such information is useful for searching and identifying the track (for example in a winamp player or any other audio tracker and player) .

edit metadata


Complete those values but remember those are only optional . Then click ok!


Go to your location selected in step three and play the mp3 song you’ve created!

Enjoy and support us by sharing if what i showed you was helpful!

Thank you!


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