Drivermax – keep the installation stress at bay! July 8, 2009 by Q

Through one simple backup operation you can have at a safe place all the drivers your PC uses!
This is the primary function of Drivermax – finding and saving all the driver files you have installed on your computer. It creates a backup archive where all the files are grouped after the name of  the driver.After a fresh installation all you have to do is fire up Drivermax and reload the saved drivers.

However, the biggest use I can find for it is on onlder PC’s, where you don’t have anymore the original CDs and the hardware is often obsolete thus with limited support. Having Drivermax installed will get rid of all the ‘net digging for the right files. It has other functions, most notably that it searces for unidentified components, on our 7 years old DELL server test system succesfully finded all the drivers. It can also scan for driver updates, which is rather convenient.

While I personaly don’t see it all that usefull on a brand new machine because of the twakings I do to the most important video driver, it’s a godsend for older PCs.

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