– very good photo editor, and more! July 11, 2009 by Q

paintNetBig This one is the photo editor I use in more than 90% of my photo editing work needs. It’s easy on the CPU and memory, loads very fast and has all the tools you usually need for regular touch-ups, web posting and small time editing jobs. It has a few nice effects also, and an red eye removal tool which I found quite effective. It’s not the editor that will make Adobe guys cry, but if you only do small editing or prepare images for web, this one is all that you need. You can move around or close the tool windows you don’t need, check the history of your work on the selected picture and go back in unlimited steps. I don’t need to remind you it is a free software, but if you really like it, you might wanna donate a few bucks 🙂

Most of the time I don’t need anything more, if you’re like me, grab it HERE.

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