Pristy utils – PC info and more July 15, 2009 by Q

pristyutilssmall One more system utility, Pristy Utils is a suite of applications that will help you manage your computer and will improve its performance. Pristy Utils is a freeware application that combines system monitoring, administration and optimization. You have access to the following utils:
System power down
to program your PC to sleep, reboot, lock or other options; Web-assistant, that provides a very interesting multi-search option;
PC detector, provides tabbed information about your hardware, sound tests and LCD dead pixel seek;
Vista booster
– an optimization program for Vista;
Memory cleaner
– does what the name implies; File wipeout, permanently erasing for unused important files and delete temporary files, and the last one being a Desktop Clock gadget.

We had no problems using the software, never got in the way and worked as intended.

All applications are available via Pristy Utils Toolbar and Tray Agent to get fast access to all.

Download HERE

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